About me

I believe that art can change the world and move even the coldest of hearts. Art has the ability to connect with everybody not dependent on their intellectual state. Art has no barriers. This is why I create and why I will continue to pursue inscribing my message on this world no matter what.

I have been active in photography for 15 years now. During that journey I have wandered through most of the genres of picture-taking and picture-making. Almost 10 years ago I found my calling in picture-making. I am in love with the possibility of leading your imagination and telling you a story. Some have already found a recurring storyline in my work, some have not. I am still in the process of defining it for myself. I do not yet know if I will ever put it in words or do I even have to. Image-making is a hobby for me that will never get old.

I believe it is most important to have all the fun possible in changing the world one image at a time.

"Artist's role is to deny reality" - Yohji Yamamoto

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